Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blackhead popped?

i guess one of my blackheads popped, now there is a big red lump circle, how do i get it away by tommorrow. please help!! would peroxide help, or something!!Blackhead popped?
i think you may have a problem with vanity. i have cystic acne that will not go away for the rest of my life, not joking! so if you think a tiny zit is going to kill you, think how it would be if you were someone elese. i often find if you don't think about vanity, vanity won't think about you. that zit will go away, all in good time.Blackhead popped?
Blackheads don't pop, so I'm not sure what you're talking about.

To get a pimple to go away, take some Advil now to get the swelling and redness down. Do NOT use peroxide, as it will dry out your skin and make it look worse.

Tonight, wash your face well, and apply a little pimple cream (with benzoyl peroxide or salycilic acid) to a small bandaid and wear it overnight. Maybe looks a bit silly but it works!

In the morning, make sure to moisturize your face. Keeping the skin smooth and even is part of disguising blemishes.
blackheads do pop, what i do is put ice on it, that should take care of it either way the little red bump should be gone by tomorw./ good luck , dont worry im sure your beautiful anyways.
Try a hot compress on it.
peroxide would not help but you can hide it under a bandage
Just clean it with a skin cleanser. Leave it alone until tomorrow. Then in the morning cover it up with makeup. You want to let it breathe until then. Also, you say ';popped';. Blackheads generally don't pop. If there is any puss or matter in the pore, make sure to get that out as well. Otherwise you will have just made matters worse.
Take a couple Advil and put on some acne medication. And relax.
dont pop pimples, they leave scars
cant you just use some make- up?? and.. if it was only a blackhead.. the swelling usually goes down in a day... but, go to the store and buy some cream that dryes your face in one night.. It sometimes over dries your face though.. but if its only one time.. it should be fine!
Cleaning it with some facial product helps but you can't exactly get rid of it by tomorrow. Cover it up with foundation or cover-up. It'll take the red out and looks better. Trying too hard to get rid of it may cause it get redder.
Don't laugh, try Preparation H. It reduces swelling of tissue.

Or as in the movie My Big fat Greek wedding, put some windex on it.
take a rag with hot water--don't burn yourself! it's not pleasant--lol and just hold it to the red area, the heat and moisture will help reduce the lump and raw everything out. It will reduce some of the redness as well.
ok... To calm redness you should use a non fat vanilla yougurt and then use a bleach base clearasil black head removing solution.
get some blemish creme!

good luck

i hope it doesnt hurt
I don't think you can get rid of them, hopefully but tomorrow the swelling (which is making it look red) will have gone down. If not, cover it with foundation or concealer if you can't cope with it.
Steam your face with herbs like lavender, lemon peel and mint leaves added to the water and let the skin soak up its goodness. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.

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